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Duck Decoys

Duck Decoys
One day while out antiquing, I walked into a very dark, old barn filled with all sorts of interesting items. These duck decoys sat on a ledge by a window. The sun was bright and warm and beyond the barn was a barnyard with chickens. The contrast of the dark inside and the bright outside caught my eye and I snapped several photos for future paintings.

The Old Timer

The Old Timer
Another place I am drawn to is junkyards. I love to see old rusty machinery. The structure and textures fascinate me. I am sure this old car was a prized possession in its day. Now it a sat in the scrapyard with other broken, rusty relics.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Eggs-actly" An original watercolor by Donna Berk Barlup


An original watercolor by Donna Berk Barlup

In June I took a watercolor workshop with Linda Baker.  We learned how to pour watercolor. It was four incredible days and I learned a lot using this technique.
 This is one of the paintings I did during that class. 

Donna Berk Barlup

If you are interested in purchasing this painting please contact me.

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